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Boujee Leopards Club

Boujee Leopards Club is an exclusive NFT project with 6,590 NFTs created with a purpose to give members the opportunity to participate in a futuristic era where holders can trade through cryptocurrency and become part of the NFT world. Additionally, it provides a gateway to the metaverse, where members can explore, monetise, and create digital realities of their own. You can own one of 6590 Boujee Leopards in the world here. Why 6590? Sadly, there are only that few left on Planet Earth of this majestic and beautiful species. Boujee Leopards Club is not just about authentic art, but also about unmatched real-world and metaverse utilities. We are a community of Boujee Leopards dedicated to making a difference!


A few months ago, there were 4 Snow Leopards, who were as ‘Boujee’ as they come. One day when they were chilling in a jungle around a bonfire with some chilled intergalactic beer and some super psychedelic joints as usual, one of them noticed a wooden box in the bushes.

They all got up and went towards it to have a look, the box had the initials ‘MVPG’ carved on it. They thought that the finding of the box was a strange occurrence. And one of them, who was always paranoid about most things warned them against opening the box, reminding them about many Hollywood movies where it turns out to be a bad idea.

But before he could even complete his words, one of them who was too carefree, or high, to listen to his tribemate, opened it and ZAPP, a crazy light came out of the box and took all of them inside it.The Leopards then noticed that they were in a futuristic-looking place. But before they could do anything, the MetaHunter, the keepers of the Metaverse sensed that some unidentified creatures had found their way into the Metaverse.

Through their crazy futuristic equipment, and the footprints left all around, the MetaHunter tracked these Boujee Boys in no time. Soon enough, the Leopards were surrounded by several MetaHunter drones. All hope seemed to be lost for our boys.

But being Boujee is all about quick instincts, so while everything seemed against them, the smart one of the pack took out a pen-like device from his pocket and pressed the button on top of it.In no time, an enormous gate opened in front of them, shot a blinding light and then the MetaHunter could see hundreds and thousands of Snow Leopards come at the door, ready to enter the Metaverse. Who would’ve thought that there are more Boujee Leopards out there, waiting for their time to shine! Why are they here? What’s gonna happen next? Is this the start of a war? Or is it the start of something even crazier? No one knows yet, but we’re dead-sure we’re all gonna find out really very soon!!

Why Snow Leopards ?

Found in the mountainous regions of Central and Southern Asia, these ghosts of the mountain are some of the most beautiful and majestic creatures that roam this planet. However, these beautiful creatures are hard to find, due to excessive hunting of this species, there are only 6,590 of them left on Earth. Through the Boujee Leopard Club, we want to raise awareness about these Snow Leopards and how imminent is the danger to the species. We want to do whatever we can to help prevent their extinction. We have planned to donate $1,00,000 to a wildlife foundation for Snow Leopards. The Boujee Leopards Club wants to give the Snow Leopards a second home in the Metaverse.

Meet your Avatars


Preview Forest

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Real world Utilities
Welcome, sit back, and enjoy being part of the Boujee Leopards Club!! After the reveal, we’ll be disclosing the real-world utilities that some rare traits have. This includes free Eth, trip to Dubai, trip to wildlife sanctuaries, and even scholarships just to name a few!
Donation and Porsche 911
As promised we will do a $100,000 USD donation to a wildlife reserve which will be chosen by the community. We’re also raffling a Porsche 911 ($114,000) to one of our holders as we celebrate the sell-out.
Taking over
The Boujee Leopards break the news! We have already endorsed a contract with a major PR agency which will help us gain mainstream exposure through billboards and even online publications online and much much more we will be everywhere!
Nothing could stop us, nothing can stop us, Nothing will stop us! To celebrate the milestone we will be raffling 10 Custom Boujee Leopards to our lucky holders and there will be daily giveaways for 30 days 🎉

After we reach 40% of our target, we have a lot of surprises waiting in line for our community members. This includes 10 custom Boujee Leopards to 10 of our lucky holders and exciting giveaways for over a month!

Yash, Co-founder of Boujee

The Boujee Leopards have many plans for the Metaverse! Join us in our journey as we develop our world in The Sandbox game. Meanwhile, our team explores the possibilities of expanding our presence into other Metaverses such as Decentraland and more upcoming platforms to have a strong presence all over the Metaverse space
Passive Income NFT
We will begin forwarding the privilegesto our Diamond hands who will receive 30% Royalties from secondary sales. Thesewill be distributed only among the holders who refrain from listing theirBoujee Leopards NFTs or will list them above SPA.

Diamnd holders 💎


Something catchy

Social Networking
Being a part of The Boujee Leopards Club grants you access to a multitude of exclusive utilities, it gives you access to expert speakers in our community and helps our holders gain knowledge about NFTs – Trading – Real Estate investments, and just about any skill you would like to acquire. We’ll be inviting speakers from all over the world for the community to gain knowledge and benefit from as well as build real-world connections
The Comic
We’re launching a comic series, diving deeper into Boujee Leopards Club history and how they came into existence, will also have material to bring awareness about conserving the Snow Leopard species. Diamond Hand Holders will have a chance to get their Boujee Leopards featured in the comic!
Tangible Figurines
Long-term holders get an opportunity to claim an exclusive Boujee Leopard Collectible (Tangible Figurines like Kaws) of their own NFT!
🚀 $Boujee token
The team has started working with a team of Blockchain developers to create our own $Boujee token. Token staking starts here. This will create an opportunity for our Boujee Leopards to get rewarded for trusting in the project. These tokens will have future potential benefits like access to Exclusive chats, Future projects, burning the tokens for Tangible goods, Merch and much more.

Our goal is to make sure we do as much as possible for our diamond hands to make your investments highly profitable. To do so, we will come up with several strategies(Collaborating with other projects, influencers, whales and pushing the community to hold) after the launch to keep the floor high.

After reaching 100% of our target, we at The Boujee Leopards Club will be introducing the $Boujee Token for our community members. This exciting token is your entry to all our future events and a chance to win big!

Love, Co-founder of Boujee


The Boujee Leopards Club is an amazing collection of 6,590 Snow Leopards, all of which are generated using 140+ hand-drawn traits, making every Leopard, different, and more 'Boujee' than the rest. Our team of hardworking artists have worked on this exciting project for a long time now, going through every detail of each artwork, to ensure our end users get the highest quality artwork imaginable.





Chief marketing officer

Marketing operations





Chief marketing officer

Marketing operations


After all the 6,590 Boujee Leopards have been minted, we announce the winner of the 2021 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet(114,000$) giveaway, through a raffle between the 6,590 Boujee Leopards. 1 NFT = 1 Entry in this huge Giveaway


Why only 6,590 Boujee Leopards?

There are only 6,590 Snow Leopards left on planet Earth. The Metaverse will also have only 6,590 Boujee Leopards, making us as exclusive as the snow leopards on planet earth.

When will I be able to Mint a Boujee Leopard?

We’re aiming to launch around Christmas, you will be notified regarding the announcements on all our social handles!

Where Can I Get A Boujee Leopards ClubNFT?

You can get yourself a Boujee Leopard Club NFT on our official Website once we officially launch! For more information join our DISCORD

Will there be a presale?

Yes, we will be holding presale prior to the launch. We recommend you to join our Discord for further information.

Where will be able to see my NFT?

You will be able to see you Boujee Leopard’s club NFT in your Opensea account.